Tuesday, September 15th 2020
  • How do you find customers?

    People in our network ask often how we find new customers and projects. The simple answer is: through our network :)


Basically, all projects that we have accomplished, were initiated on the recommendation from people we know. In many cases, it was former colleagues, but also some projects came from the people that we did not think of at first. We realized early that ongoing “digitalization” makes even traditionally non-software companies, interested in software and digital services.

Our history from Sony (Ericsson) is the backbone of our network. Sony (Ericsson) fostered thousands of skilled professionals that today have leading positions in various companies across the world, and in particular south of Sweden where we are based. LinkedIn keep us all connected and within reach.

Together with connections established “before-Avico”, while working on strategy, UX and design related assignments, it gives us a diverse and wide network reach.

Former colleagues are not only some of our customers today but also the best reference we have.