Tuesday, September 29th 2020
  • I need an app! Sorry, I mean a digital service

    Often, we get approached by entrepreneurs and company representatives that want to put their business idea in the hands of consumers via mobile apps (iOS & Android). Many use the term “mobile app” when explaining the idea. But almost as a rule, we end up in an understanding that we talk about a “digital service”.


So, what is the difference? And why is it important?

There is no unanimous definition of these 2 terms, but we explain it as:

A digital service is continuous delivery of data and content via the internet, across multiple platforms and devices like mobile or web.

A mobile app is the customer tool to “consume” the digital service.

For example: Spotify is a digital service provider that delivers music via the internet. The Spotify mobile app is used by the customers to consume the music on their mobile devices.

Mixing these 2 terms is not an issue in everyday life but it is good to keep in mind that the implementation of a digital service implies a more complex solution, which will inevitably be more costly than development of a mobile app only. Besides, the owner of a digital service has to be prepared to continuously design, develop and improve the service i.e. it is rarely a one-time job.  

To be sure about your need, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to reach customers on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web)?
  • Do I want to collect/process data generated by my customers?
  • Do I want my customers to continuously create and consume data/content over the internet?

If answers is Yes, then you are in a need of a digital service and not only a mobile app.

The complexity will be higher but don’t worry, we at Avico can help you in your journey and in making the right choices.