Tuesday, October 13th 2020
  • On average, we are 30% cheaper than the competition!

    As we explained in a previous blog post, design & development of apps and services can be rather expensive. To address this, we at Avico have developed a unique approach that will minimize the cost of your project. We understand that you are eager to find out what our secret is. So, let us reveal it for you…


Based on 20+ years of experience in service design and software development, we’ve learned how to set up and manage the company operations to minimize the cost in all segments of product development.

In essence, our cost efficiency is a combination of the following:

1. Develop only necessary features

Very often features are added to a project without an actual need. Simply because it feels safer to add things. You might need them later, even though you are not really sure.
It is hard to decide and stay committed to the core offering.

Avico always applies an incremental approach when defining the scope of a project. Start small and grow big – but never bigger than needed!
Avico’s support to your product management team will make big difference here.

2. Reuse design and code

Even though all apps/services are different, a lot of functionality is common. Whether you are in a need of “login functionality” or “communication via Bluetooth”, our design patterns and code base from previous projects will speed up the development. In best case, only minimal new design and development will be needed for your project. (Of course, Avico only reuses design and code that we as company have the rights to.)

We believe in best practices and common design patterns. Efforts for innovation should be applied only when it serves a purpose.

3. Eliminate handovers

Avico offers end-to-end service development support. Designers & developers work together from project start to the end. Also, quality assurance is integrated in the team deliveries. This eliminates costly handovers that are common when different teams, or even different companies, are delivering to the project.

4. Tailored teams

This is the part where the biggest saving can be done. The number of project hours becomes rather high in the projects that include several team members.
Therefore, Avico offers development teams with mixed local and offshore presence. Parts that must be held close, and require tight collaboration with the customer, are handled by our local staff. Our offshore team members take care of the tasks that can be isolated and do not require frequent face-to-face interaction.

5. Minimal internal company costs

Avico is a light-footed company. We have no external shareholders to please. And we have no expensive offices or other high costs to cover. We are flexible and we can offer both fixed price and time & material pricing models.

Given the above...

Do not hesitate to contact us and confirm the truth of the statements above. On average, we are 30% cheaper than the competition!

Team Avico