• Hövding

    App & service that creates a better world for urban cyclists


Service & system architecture, iOS development, Android development, Backend development, Prototyping, Analytics

Planning & Design:

Product ownership, concept development, service design, UX & UI design, Photo & Video production


Hövding is an airbag for urban cyclists – 8x safer than a traditional bicycle helmet. Hövding 3 is the first Hövding to feature Bluetooth connectivity. In February 2019 Avico was chosen as a partner to commercialise and implement Hövding’s digital service.

Our role

We took an active role in supporting Hövding with product ownership. Hövding had a vision of what connected device might be – we helped them to reshape the vision and turn it into an actionable roadmap. Via a series of workshops and prototypes, we pinpointed the key business and customer values, and defined development scope for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that was released in September 2019.


We designed and developed a service with two consumer facing touch points: an Android app and an iOS app. The apps enable Hövding 3 users to connect their airbags to smartphones via Bluetooth. This connection enables 4 core functions of the service:

  • Battery notifications: Never run out of battery again, the app reminds you to charge your Hövding.

  • Emergency contacts: Select phone contacts that get notified via SMS if an accident occurs.

  • Cycling statistics: See you personal cycling stats and achievements. Average speed, distance traveled, time spent, CO2 reduction, etc.

  • Hövding community: Hövding’s mission is to influence decision makers to create safer traffic and to improve cycling infrastructure. By capturing cycling data via Hövding devices they own, Hövding’s customers will contribute to this goal.

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