Wednesday, September 2nd 2020
  • Avico in short

    Avico is the kind of company that we ourselves would want to hire to develop a software product. Avico's mission is to provide premium support through all phases of product development.


Learnings and experience from previous employments, made us capable of being a partner that can handle everything under the same roof. Whether it’s about innovation work, shaping requirements based on your company’s internal ideas, or pure software development, we are capable to meet customer expectations.

Our approach:

  • Technology and design serves the business, not the other way around.

  • Reinvent the wheel, only when it serves a true purpose. Otherwise, build on available solutions.

  • No costly handovers between product manager, UX designer and developer.

  • Incremental development. Agile, but within the budget & always on time.

  • Tailored teams. Both in terms of competence and cost.

This approach have proven to be successful for our clients. Some of our accomplishments are described here: